Research and Publications

Working Paper:

[1] Tsui, J. (2018). Analysis of Random Forest, Bagging, and Boosting: Ultra-high Dimensional Variable Selection For Mammalian Eye Gene Expression.
  • Currently working on preliminary analysis using 200 eye genes as explanatory variables on 120 rats
  • Upon preliminary anaylsis, we will expand our research into using 32000 eye genes as explanatory variables on 120 rats. We will compare the performances of various statistical learning methods in high dimensional variable selections.


[1] Tsui, J., Dasylva, A. and Chu, K. (2017). Optimal Estimating Equation for Logistic Regression with Linked Data. arXiv:1707.05825, submitted to Statistics Canada’s Survey Methodology Journal for Peer-Review on September 1st, 2017.