Flight Simulations - Virtual Cathay Pacific Airways

I operate a virtual airliner named Virtual Cathay Pacific Airways using X-Plane 11. There are two main goals: (1) to simulate historical routes in the 1980s where Cathay Pacific flew between London Gatwick (EGKK) and Hong Kong (VHHH) via Bahrain (OBBI); (2) to explore new routes between Hong Kong and the Americas and within the Americas. With advanced computing technology and software, it is made possible to simulate flights with realistic features for aircrafts, ground traffic, air traffic, and real-world landscapes.

VATSIM is the Virtual International Air Traffic Simulation network, which is what I use to connect my X-Plane 11. This means you can obtain real-time information about my flight simulations. To obtain historical and future flight schedules, look below for more information. There are many online websites and applications that display the VATSIM maps, I find that the one developed by ProjectFly is the best map however, as it is the only map (so far that I have found) that records the actual simulated flight path. The link to their website is https://app.projectfly.co.uk/app/#/radar, though you might need to register for an account.

Flight Schedules

YYYY-MM Day Flight No. Type Regis. No. Planned Flight Time Planned Miles Planned Flying Hours Dept. Airport Dept. Time 1H 2H 3H 4H 5H 6H 7H 8H 9H 10H 11H 12H 13H 14H 15H 16H 17H 18H Arrival Airport Arrival Time Total Flight Time Miles flown
2019-11 01 CPA 825 Boeing 777-300ER B-KQM 15:05 7806 15:10-18:15 (+1) Toronto (CYYZ) 15:10 (ETD)
Hong Kong (VHHH) 18:15 (ETA)
2019-11 01 CPA 825 Boeing 777-300ER B-KQM 03:12 1237 09:44-12:57 Miami (KMIA) 09:44 (ETD)
Toronto (CYYZ) 09:44 (ETA)
2019-10 30 CPA 899 Boeing 777-300ER B-KQM 05:29 2567 11:10-18:30 Calgary (CYYC) 11:21
Miami (KMIA) 18:47
2019-10 29 CPA 899 Boeing 777-300ER B-KQM 13:42 6864 10:05-09:47 Hong Kong (VHHH) 10:20
Calgary (CYYC) 09:00 12:40 6770